The University matching tool is an amazing recommendation system that understands your academic profile, funding requirements, and study goals (including your motivation to study abroad), and then matches you to over 4000 Universities globally.

The matching process is done across 3 program formats - full time, pathways, and online. While traditional counselling processes try to push everyone towards a full-time program only, at most times that fails due to that bias in the system.

The Libereka University Matching tool will recommend the top 20 programs in a particular study destination for you and it may be a particular program type or may have a mix of 2-3 program types depending upon the matching factors.

Your success in getting into a highly ranked University this year is dependant on the "correct" identification of the programs for which you will want to prepare and apply to. A wrong start will definitely mean frustrating loss of application and hearbreak. All of which are completely avoidable.

There are many who promise to match you to a University, but the best they deliver to you is an advanced search tool, and we empathise with that frustration. Therefore, working with alumni from some of the top Universities in the world, we have designed this matching tool that delivers the best-matched programs that you should purse this year without second guessing.

You should use the matching tool because the recommended programs match your GPA/ Graduation scores, English proficiency, and a host of the objective data points. This is one of the most comprehensive matching processes that is available globally to students today.