At its most basic and simplified state, the Libereka Blockchain is a stackable certification solution, which we are calling as the blockchain for learning or education. This stackable way of organising or linking certifications is to enable a validated, personalized certification procedure covering both formal learning (e.g. certification, degrees, micro-credits) and informal learning (e.g. badges, skills, and experiences). Our objective is that each learner or student should have a Blockchain account or portfolio, and can add each learning step they are issued a certificate or badge of the program or University. This is a lifelong solution, wherein this very Blockchain can be used a proof of all the learning over a longer time period - all verifiable (or verified by the original authority), to help to get an incredible career in future workplaces.

We also wanted to democratise the higher education system globally, so that access to education and education enablement is achieved without having to go through middlemen or agencies that are busy in self-serving goals thus alienating millions in the path to an incredible journey.

Libereka Blockchain allows for this goal to become a reality, wherein as a user you would have part ownership of the data in your block allowing you to then transact directly with Universities, organizations, and non-profits in an ecosystem that doesn't have the high costs of applying or verifications or value leakage, that plagues the system today.

The Libereka Blockchain model allows for a decentralised system that is fair, by enabling Universities to identify candidates with excellent merit or background or diversity and provide scholarships or funding directly into the Blockchain without having to go through 3rd parties or agencies.

Finally, the Blockchain offers a greater level of security to the individual user as it removes the need for weak and easily compromised passwords and online identities.