The Scholarship on the blockchain is an amazing model that allows for a risk-sharing model to exist where a University can offer a conditional scholarship to you (using edCoin - a digital currency on Libereka) if they find your profile fitting their eligibility & diversity requirements.

If you happen to receive such an offer, then that means the University must have seen your profile (without your identification data) and have made a very credible and unbiased offer to get you into their classroom this year. Once they make this offer, you will have a time-bound call to accept or reject the offer.

If you accept the offer, then your profile information will be shared with the University and they cannot withdraw the scholarship offer which now has been locked into the Libereka Blockchain smart-contract. Please note that even Libereka will not have any control over the smart-contract which will be based on certain criteria being met by all parties for the fund to be unlocked.

If and when your admission offer is made by this University and you pay the fee for the program, the smart-contract will automatically release the scholarship into your Libereka Account. You can then add your bank account and choose to exchange the edCoins (Libereka digital currency) for cash to be transferred to the account.

Please note that you cannot solicit or ask a University to edit or change or remove any scholarship offer on the Libereka Blockchain.