The matched program, once unlocked, will provide you with an option to "Apply" if you are ready and also with free preparation content we call "Recipes".

You can prepare for free through these video/ audio content pieces, and if you need additional professional help then we have engaged a very helpful community of Alumni from Top Universities (such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT etc.) in order to deliver low cost admissions cosulting services. These services are low cost becuase they are not for profit and are a part of a social-impact project that these alumni have taken up on themselves.

If you have a matched program that is accepting applications on the LCASS (Libereka Common Application & Scholarship system) then you will be asked to upload the required verified documents (that would also be updated into your Blockchain account post your biometric verification). Your application to this University program will be FREE of cost on Libereka.

If you have a matched program that is not accepting applications on the LCASS, then you can sign-up for one of the many full admissions support services provided by the Alumni through Libereka. These services will help you with everything you will need throughout the application process - including help with Visa interviews, accommodation, etc. All full admissions support services include the cost of the application form fees of any University program. That means you will not have to pay for application fees in addition to preparing yourself professionally.

Our endeavour is to break down the walled gardens, the unaffordability and the glass ceilings that may stop you from starting an incredible international career. So if you have a matched program in your list, make sure you prepare well and APPLY to it so that you increase your chances to get an admit this year.