The Libereka Webinars are designed using a study destination and program combo - such as - Study Masters in Germany. We have then put together data points that answer the following questions for candidates:

How many international students go to study in this country each year?
Which are the large industries in the country that recruit from its Universities? What are the starting salaries for graduates in this country after a University degree?
Which are the top Universities for this program in that country? What are their global ranks? How do they rank against components such as Employer Reputation?
What are the specializations that one can study under this program?
What are the costs of studying such a program in this country? Including fees and living costs
What are the visa requirements for someone to work in the country?
How to start the application process for this program? What is the eligibility criteria?
Application cycles
Scholarships and organizations (if applicable)
Social life, culture, and some of the well-known events in the country

To get the best out of the Libereka Webinars, we would recommend you to go through the complete webinar and make your own notes in order to keep the information handy when you are applying to Universities. The webinars will also help you prepare on pointers to answer your personal interview questions (if relevant), and you could decide to do further research on some of the key points that the webinars are going to highlight either for the program of the study destination.