There are two ways of uploading your documents into your blockchain account:

Upload verified (notarised) copies of your original certificates and transcripts into Libereka. You will need to sign off on a few legal documents and terms to confirm no fraudulent or incorrect documents are uploaded and that you indemnify Libereka in any such case in the future. This document will then be uploaded by us onto your blockchain

Your home University or the qualification awarding body is requested by you through our system (using your public key) to write the original document directly into the blockchain. That will ensure that the original source of the document is stored forever with timestamp and validations

Kindly note the Libereka will sign up Universities progressively to ensure that we cover all degree-awarding bodies in the system. In case you cannot find an organization, then please do let us know and our team will work with you to get them on board and enable them to award the documents on the blockchain.