Your edCoin funding is dependant on the following conditions:

Verification: You need to have biometric verification completed on Libereka. Without the biometric verification, no funding (even if you are eligible) can be unlocked or received

A confirmed admit: Libereka guaranteed funding, as well as the scholarship on the Blockchain, are dependant on positive outcomes of your University program application. The funding unlocks once you have an admission offer and you have paid the fee at the University. The funding is unlocked through "smart-contracts" and therefore is guaranteed to be unlocked once you meet the criteria.

Application through the LCASS (for Libereka Guaranteed Funding): Your Libereka guaranteed funding can be used to either unlock application form fees for University programs that you are applying through LCASS, OR you can unlock the funding after your confirmed admit to get a bulk amount that can help you to cover your costs to relocate, for visa or other components of your study abroad. You will need to apply through LCASS to receive the Libereka Guaranteed Funding, however, to receive the scholarship on the blockchain, you don't need to apply through the LCASS at all times.