About Guaranteed Scholarship:

Libereka is the world's first and only EdTech Organization that provides both Guaranteed Scholarship/ funding as well as Application immunity to students from across the world when they apply to study abroad for full-time MBA, STEM Masters, Business Masters, and other postgraduate programs.

How do we do this?
Libereka democratises the whole University-candidate interaction through a new and disruptive model of value creation. Our model converts candidate recruitment money that Universities spend to reach out to candidates through marketing channels to be paid out as funding that positively impact candidates rather than make advertising agencies/middle-men rich. This removes any middle layer between the Universities and Students - and democratises access to capital.

How does the funding work?

Create your Free account on Libereka.com and complete all the required profile fields
Upload your academic documents (such as degree certificate, transcripts, etc.) that we will verify and add to your profile securely
Your profile will then be verified by our team to ensure that Universities interact with verified profiles only
Universities will then be able to view your profile (without any identity data) and offer you scholarships/ funding offers
You can accept or reject these large funding offers and then connect with the University Admissions team directly for starting the application process

You can get a minimum funding of $500 and there is no upper cap on the amount of funding that you can generate on Libereka.

Any funding that you get will be paid into your bank account once the funding conditions are met. Funding conditions will in general be related to you getting a successful application, and the first year/ semester fee paid to the University that has offered you the funding.

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